2013 Update for Provincial Associations

In 2013 the CCHA met monthly by electronic conferencing and twice in person – Calgary in July and Ottawa in November.

Our current members are: Savayda Jarone, Nova Scotia, Genevieve Sirois, Quebec, Michael Vertolli and Rick deSylva, Ontario, Flo Lavallie, Saskatchewan, Terry Willard and Jeananne Laing, Alberta, Katolen Yardley and Lindsay Hounslow, British Columbia. A warm welcome back to Ontario member Rick deSylva, who has returned to the CCHA after a short absence and a welcome to new BC members Lindsay Hounslow and
Katolen Yardley.

During this year the CCHA worked on:

  • The Development of the Council of Elders (a recognition of practicing Canadian herbalists who have offered outstanding and long term contribution to the field of herbal medicine), and discussed the format of creating a 2015 National gathering of herbalists designed to build and strengthen the Canadian community of herbalists and recognize the Council of Elders.
  • Reviewed the third draft of the Standards of Practice documents which we are in the process of completing. These documents can be used a guidelines for each province. Associations will be receiving these documents very soon. Please respond within 90 days upon receipt of documents with any suggestions or input.
  • We also gave our regards and said our goodbyes to Quebec member Marie Jutras – who passed away this year after a long illness. You will be missed Marie.

NHPD updates: In our relationship with the NHPD there are no current issues that we know of that affect herbal practitioners directly. Sometime soon (theoretically, December 1, 2013) natural health products imported and for resale require a NHP number (NPN). Food format items are not required to have NPN numbers – as of April 2012 (red bull, super foods, herbal powders and teas are exempt from this policy). Retailers can carry products without an NPN number for 6-10 months before they are technically disallowed for sale.
In the past we negotiated a policy allowing for herbal practitioner exemptions – allowing continued importation of raw materials for compounding. Bulk Tinctures have been designated as raw materials.

We are continuing to observe changes which may potentially affect our profession and have been assured that the new importing policy effective December 1 will not affect herbal practitioner’s ability to import for compounding purposes. We are monitoring the implementation of this policy to ensure continued accessibility.

In 2014 we will be continuing our regular cyber meetings, focusing on updating the CCHA website, and we look forward to the completion of our longstanding standards project as well as bringing in new tasks such as co creation of a Canada wide herbal gathering and the formation of the Council of Elders (more information on these items will be shared very soon).

The Board of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations

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