2016 Update

Our AGM was held in Halifax, NS April 29 – May 1 2016.

Our 2016 board:
Savayda Jarone – Nova Scotia (president, 2nd year of two year term)
Katolen Yardley – British Columbia (vice president, 2nd year of two year term)
Jeananne Lang – Alberta (secretary 1 year term)
Johanne Fontaine – Quebec (treasurer, 1 year term)
Anais de Valicourt – Quebec
Lianna Vargas – Ontario
Rick De Sylva – Ontario
Robert Rogers – Alberta
Lindsay Hounslow – British Columbia

One of the main discussion items in April was follow up plans from the first nation-wide herbal gathering, which included the Herbal Elders Ceremony. Due to the success of this first event, we intend to co-ordinate Canadian herbal gatherings every few years. We are currently exploring location options for the next conference in 2018, with the intention of changing the location each year in order to make it accessible to herbalists spread across the country. These conferences fulfill one of our major mandates which is to unite herbalists across the country and to promote Canadian herbalism.

Honouring our Canadian herbal elders remains an ongoing project. We will continue to take nominations for new elders and they will be recognized at future national conferences.

The CCHA has recognized the need to make herbal practitioners services more accessible and affordable to clients. One area we wish to examine is how herbal practitioner visits can be claimed through employment benefits or extended health and insurance coverage.

This fall we contacted the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products (NNHPD) in regards to their proposed policy changes. While herbal practitioners primarily operate outside of the NNHPD industry, we have overlapping interests and CCHA members have held important roles in advising past policy development. We want to ensure that the rights of herbal practitioners are not affected by the proposed changes and have requested an in person meeting with government policy makers to review related considerations. In addition, we have extended our offer to act as expert advisers and have expressed our concern that traditional health claims are not respected in the proposed policy.

History was a topic of our discussion. As a follow up to the elders ceremony, it was agreed that Canada has its own special herbal history stories and characters that we would like to preserve and capture in some form. This is an exciting creative project for the year ahead. This conversation lead to one about fundraising, such a project will require funds. We are assessing our financial needs and exploring ways to earn money for the ongoing costs of running our organization and to support creative projects such as this.

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