2017 Update

SUMMARY of the Annual General Meeting Ottawa, Ontario Oct, 14, 15 -2017


The CCHA has re-established their long term relationship with the NNHPD by meeting with them in Ottawa October 13, 2017. Since there are new members of the NNHPD we provided some history of our previous work with the NHPD. We discussed proposed changes to NNHPD policies and shared our views as Herbal Medicine Practitioners and opinions on the importance and uniqueness of Traditional Use of Herbal Medicine. We offered our expertise and put steps in motion to continue future consultation for proposed changes. The CCHA confirmed there will be no changes to the Compounding & Raw Materials Policies for practitioner use. We will be continuing our dialogue and requested ongoing consultation with all proposed changes within current policy.


One of the overarching themes of our meeting is the timely importance of raising public awareness of the profession of herbal medicine in Canada. Most of our agenda items focused on this primary goal. We continue to explore the conversation of how herbal practitioners may be recognized by insurance companies for claims by clients.


We have a long list of new content for our website which we will share with associations once completed; until then we will begin the work with completing these new pages. We are pleased to introduce the new Facebook page of the CCHA to our members and any interested parties. Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CCHA.CCAH/ where we will be sharing association events, CCHA activities and other herbal medicine related information. The CCHA facebook page following has doubled in the short time we have opened the page!


We are working towards organizing a national gathering in summer of 2018 as well as the planning the next Elder’s Ceremony. In 2015, the CCHA National gathering & elder’s ceremony was hosted in BC aligned with the Vancouver Island Herb Gathering. For 2018 we are in preliminary talks with a Herb Gathering in Ontario to offer a venue for the Honoring of Canadian Elders in the field of Herbal Medicine. We are now putting out a call for any nominations for Herbal Elders – one criteria is that the herbalist has been in private practice for at least 25 years and has offered outstanding contributions to the field of herbal medicine.

View our website for additional criteria and how to submit a nomination; including a bio and photo of the nominee: https://herbalccha.org/?page_id=38

Please submit nominations by April 1st, 2018.

Additional information on the upcoming 2018 national gathering will be shared once the CCHA has confirmed a venue and the details of the event.

A comment from the new president of the CCHA, Katolen Yardley- “I would like to thank my fellow council members for all their volunteer efforts during the past year and for taking the time to meet in Ottawa for the AGM and important NNHPD meeting. We each take this role to heart, and are dedicated to serving our fellow Herbal Practitioners and Herbal Medicine in Canada.”

The Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations https://herbalccha.org/ Katolen Yardley, British Columbia (President)

Lindsay Hounslow, British Columbia (Vice President)

Johanne Fontaine, Quebec (Secretary – Treasurer)

Savayda Jarone, Nova Scotia

Sarah Maria Leblanc, Quebec

Marianne Beacon, Ontario

Lianna Vargas, Ontario

Bree Nabholz, Alberta


ccha annual summary final nov 2, 2017

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