Gillain Leverkus – British Columbia

GillianLeverkusGillian Leverkus has been practicing Herbal Medicine for thirty five years.

Trained in England as a Medical Herbalist Gillian now practices in Fort Nelson British Columbia.

She is passionate about maintaining a healthy community and reaches out in the form of workshops, private education, writing and in private practice.

She also specializes in teaching the Art of Spirituality in Healing as she firmly believes that a healthy spirit is a healthy body! Her work with the Shamanic Foundation has enabled her to help her patients access their own health through the use of Herbs and recognising their own journey towards health.

Gillian has been working in an advisory capacity with Health Canada, Office of Natural Health Products Directorate (ONHPD), on issues such as safe reporting of drug/herb interactions, ethical delivery and practice of Complementary Medicine and is also involved in a Study of the CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) Sector with ONHPD and Human Resources Development Canada to name a few. She is past President of the Canadian Herbalists Association of British Columbia and Past Chair of the Canadian Coalition of Herbal Associations.

Gillian was one of the founding CCHA members and was instrumental in ensuring that every Herbalist in Canada has the right to compound their own remedies in a patient /practitioner relationship. Gillian continues to be active as a director with Hospice, a Health Advisory Board in Fort Nelson amongst other community initiatives.