The Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations (CCHA) is a not for profit organization representing associations of herbal practitioners that unifies, promotes and serves herbal practitioners through active communication with government, the public, and between all herbalist associations in Canada.

Goals of the CCHA

  1. To have herbal practitioners recognized as the experts on herbal medicine in Canada.
  2. To maintain the CCHA as a non-profit organization of representatives of Associations that represent herbal practitioners.
  3. To facilitate unity among Associations of herbal practitioners.
  4. To ensure that the CCHA respectfully acknowledges herbal practitioners from various herbal traditions.
  5. To provide a forum to further the practice of herbal medicine by herbal practitioners in Canada.
  6. To guide the member Associations in setting standards (education, practice, ethics, etc.)
  7. To respond to the inquiries of academia, media, and agencies with regard to issues pertaining to herbal medicine.
  8. To provide national representation of member Associations to the provincial and federal governments in discussions of legislation affecting herbal practitioners and legislation of natural health products as it affects herbal practitioners.
  9. To operate by consensus in order to foster trust and unity.