10 Reasons to consult with a registered herbal practitioner:

Why Consult a Herbalist?

1. Herbalists are the trained and trusted professionals in herbal medicine

2. Herbalists meet the highest standards education, ethics and scope of practice            

3. Herbalists have an extensive knowledge base combining traditional wisdom and modern scientific perspective      

4. A registered herbal practitioner will explore the roots of your health and wellbeing      

5. A registered herbal practitioner will provide a comprehensive and holistic wellness assessment       

6. A registered  herbal practitioner will create individualized protocols and herbal preparations                

7. A registered herbal practitioner is trained in herbal safety, drug interactions, and possible contraindications

8. A registered herbal practitioner can assure you of quality and purity of the herbs and herbal preparations

9. A registered herbal practitioner will  offer interdisciplinary collaboration with other health professionals                                                                                          

10. A registered herbal practitioner is accountable  to a professional organization, must maintain annual continuing education and must abide by professional standards