Diane Bernard, accredited herbalist, coach, teacher and author – Quebec

Boisbriand, Québec, Canada.

Sensitive to sky and earth, Diane Bernard live in tune with the rhythm of seasons. Hedge witch and human magician. In 1987, the purchase of a farm was the first step of an adventure that tied her to the Earth.

When developing organic agriculture in Lanaudière, she met Marie Provost, who led her on the track of medicinal plants through her formation in herbalism. At the same period, she also followed a formation with Danièle Laberge, which allowed the growth of her internal healer, the therapist.

Until 2000, this farm was the premise of culture, transformation and distribution of organic food and medicinal plants. She taught there, and carried out many consultations.

From 1993 to 2008, she taught through the School board des Samares a formation in culture, transformation and utilisation of medicinal plants. Those formations of 84 hours were destined to an adult public. At the same period, in 2001, she opened in Joliette a health center with other practitioners. In 2005, she wrote a book treating of herbalism: La Santé au rythme des saisons.

Nowadays in half retirement, she continues to offer courses in herbalism with School board, within a program for professional wild gatherers; she transforms and distribute garlic and cayenne vinegars; she is still active within the Guilde des Herboristes; she bring each little joy into the light to see it flowers; she savors the joys of aging; she loves.