Government’s Response to the Standing Committee’s Recommendations

-Here is the Government’s Response to the Standing Committee’s recommendations (from 1993). The NNHPD hasn’t deviated from the recommendations listed here, it’s interesting to understand the history of what is guiding the governments choices.
The Standing Committee on Health made fifty three (53) recommendations covering sixteen (16) broad areas. The government is pleased to accept and agree with all the recommendations. A summary of the recommendations and the government response is outlined in this fact sheet.
Here’s more on the role of the Standing Committee of Health:
They explain that:

“The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (“the committee”) is empowered to study and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management, and operation of Health Canada. The mandate of the Standing Committee on Health also includes reviewing and reporting on matters referred to it by Orders of Reference from the House of Commons relating to Health Canada and its associated agencies such as health-related bills, the budgetary estimates of Health Canada and its associated agencies, study of reports tabled in Parliament that relate to health, and examination of the qualifications and competences of Order in Council appointees.

The Standing Committee on Health may also study matters the Committee itself chooses to examine. It holds public meetings and considers evidence from witnesses. At the end of a study, the Committee usually reports on its findings and makes recommendations. The Committee may request a Government response within 120 days of the tabling of the report. “