Dr Albert Thut, ND NAMH (1902-2000) – Ontario

AlbertThutDr Thut of Guelph Ontario, was the last of a 300 year long line of herb doctors from Switzerland. Trained in the older traditional line of naturopathic medicine, Dr Thut relied on treating seemingly complex conditions, with some standard herbal formulations; these were given alongside specific teas, possibly some tablets, and whatever dietary advice the good doctor thought appropriate.

In his long lifetime of practice, Dr Thut saw thousands in the local communities surrounding Guelph, including a substantial number in the Mennonite community. He also saw patients from across Canada, as far away as the US. and was once invited by Fidel Castro to come and set up a practice in Cuba.

Dr Thut’s wife was a native Russian, and the connection paved the way for collaboration with some well respected medical doctors in Russia, China and Europe.   All of these connections and the possibility of profiting thereby, did nothing to dilute his fundamental devotion to his patients. Dr Thut always said that the body is like a clock; and that it was important to see how the body is an inter-connected series of various systems. Addressing the imbalances in a such ‘system’ would lead to a restoration of normal values and parameters, and the return of health.

Dr Thut died on December 2, 2000 at the ripe old age of 98 years. He is still well known in the Mennonite community.

Dr Thut was the first overseas member of the NIMH, back when it was known as the NAMH.