Francine Dallaire – Quebec

Francine Dallaire – Quebec
Francine Dallaire – Quebec

As an active member of la Guilde des Herboristes, the Quebec herbalists’ organization, Francine Dallaire has deeply contributed to the influence of this organization by:

  • Being a founding member of our first council of elders, where she contributed to the elaboration of the accreditation process of herbal practitioners;
  • Participating in the accreditation process of the first three cohorts of herbal practitioners;
  • Being a consultant on the enlarged council of elders of La Guilde des herboristes, a group actively counselling the present administrators of la Guilde with the experience of the past ones;
  • As the editor-in-chief, she coordinate, for four years, the conception and the appearance of the Journal de la Guilde, a privileged tool to increase the visibility of the Guilde and increase the fidelity of its members;
  • As a speaker, she offered more than a hundred of presentations, thus contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about the use of medicinal plants for woman health (menopause, infertility, premenstrual troubles, …);
  • She also offered many workshop and publics lectures in personnal developpement, thus touching the hearth of many people in Quebec;
  • As an accreditated herbal practitioner, she offered individual consultations in private clinic for more than 15 years;
  • Her continuous implication with la Guilde des herboristes, has contributed to the growth of herbalism in Quebec.

Certified by the Enneagram Resources (ERI) of Chicago, Francine Dallaire published three books on personnal development, the first of which presented a concordance between personality types and medicinal plants adapted to those personalities.

She continues to offer dynamic and interactive seminars through Quebec and New-Brunswick.