Nick Faunus – Ontario

Nicholas has been involved in the natural foods/products industry since 1975. Originating from North Staffordshire in the U.K., he is the President of Faunus Herbs, North America’s original, third party Certified Organic, medicinal herb grower and manufacturer.

Faunus Herbs manufactures medical/consumer herbal and natural food products, distributed throughout Canada and the U.S.. Faunus Herbs also produces and manufactures over 1000 products and formulations distributed to thousands of health care professionals within Canada and the United States. The company has developed and manufactured formulae for some of the most high profile distribution companies in North America.

Faunus Herbs has always encouraged the development of the Canadian herb and natural products industries. Faunus Herbs contracts directly with organic farmers to produce herbs, grains and other raw materials for the many products they manufacture.

Faunus Herbs is a family farm based operation, growing and producing a wide variety of herbs, grains, seeds, hemp, etc. Manufacturing facilities are also “on the farm”. Contract manufacturing, for Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) member distribution companies and U.S. Medical distribution companies is also a large part of its operation. Manufacturing facilities meet Canadian and U.S. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and Health Canada Site License requirements.

Faunus Herbs also works directly with retailers to develop their own product lines. Faunus Herbs has produced, and developed functional food products, (beverages, etc.) with labelling and nutritional elements that fully meet all Canadian and U.S. regulatory requirements. Raw materials for these products are produced by Certified Organic farms in Canada, the United States and Central America.

Nicholas has considerable experience as a public speaker appearing in person, and on radio and television. For five years Nicholas co-developed, co-hosted and co-produced North America’s first prime time Wholistic Health radio show The Well Street Journal. Broadcast in Canada and the U.S. during prime drive time the WSJ introduce millions of new enthusiasts to a natural health lifestyle. Drawing on his extensive experience in natural and organic products, he provides both intelligent and entertaining seminars.  He has presented many seminars and workshops within the industry, and his public appearances as a keynote speaker throughout Canada and the U.S. lead to consistent requests for returns.

Nicholas is a past elected Executive Secretary of the Organic Crop Improvement Association (International) Inc. (OCIA).

OCIA is the world’s largest producer owned and operated certification program. Membership covers Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Peru and the United States. With over 10,00 grower members, certified acreage is well over a million acres.

Nicholas was also involved in the development of the central document control system for the effective implementation of the US and Canadian federal regulations for Certified Organic products.

Nicholas also edited and produced the OCIA International newsletter which was published in French, English and Spanish.. He was directly involved and headed marketing and promotion development for OCIA internationally.

Nicholas, as Certification Director for OCIA Ontario for two years, managed 180 farm certifications per year each of which required more than 30 pages of detailed information. He also hired the on-site inspectors. Nicholas helped develop the documentation for the Ontario Chapter, (and the International office) and the U.S. and Canadian organic standards for manufacturing, processing and cultivation.

Nicholas was also employed for several years (1991-1994) in a consulting capacity, by the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). The CHFA represents companies that between them, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in product sales. Working directly with the Executive Director, he co-developed, maintained and serviced the Association Information Services systems, making a fundamental contribution towards the doubling of membership in the Association, within twelve months. Nicholas also designed and produced all the Association membership, marketing and trade convention materials.