Honouring our Elders

The CCHA formally honours our elders including practitioner herbalists across the country who have spent at least 25 years offering outstanding contributions to the field of herbalism. Many of our nation’s herbal elders have offered years of service to community healing and to defend and establish the right to access herbs in Canada. We honoured their contributions with the announcement at Canada’s first nation wide herbal gathering in 2015. Our herbal elders have gathered vast amounts of knowledge and as they move towards retirement we hope to help them stay connected to the younger herbalists who will look to them for teachings and support. We welcome nomination of additional elders to be honoured at future gatherings.

Criteria for Nominating an Elder:

  • Nominated by associations based on outstanding contribution to the field of herbal medicine (May be nominated by the council or an association and by an individual)
  • Minimal criteria of active practice: consider the longevity of contribution in the field
  • Contribution to the public (different than herbalist)
  • Contribution to the field of herbal medicine
  • Contribution to patients
  • Academic contributions (writing and or teaching)
  • A background bio must be submitted for consideration
  • Available if applicable as an active council for consultation regarding industry and profession
  • Retired and deceased members are welcome (A family member may accept a certificate for a deceased)

CCHA Honouring Our Elders Nominations | CCHA Honouring Our Elders Nomination Form


Blaine Andrusek - Alberta

Blaine Andrusek – Alberta

Armand Ayaltin - British Columbia

Armand Ayaltin – British Columbia

Lance Baxter - BC/SK

Lance Baxter – BC/Saskatchewan

Diane Bernard - Quebec

Diane Bernard – Quebec

Ella Birzneck

Ella Birzneck – British Columbia

Chanchal Cabrera - British Columbia

Chanchal Cabrera – British Columbia

Francine Dallaire – Quebec

Francine Dallaire – Quebec

Sarah Denny (1925-2002) - Nova Scotia

Sarah Denny – Nova Scotia


Richard DeSilva - Ontario

Richard DeSylva – Ontario

Christine DeVai - Ontario

Christine DeVai – Ontario

Anthony Godfrey - Ontario

Anthony Godfrey – Ontario

Rowan Hamilton - British Columbia

Rowan Hamilton – British Columbia

Amanda Howe - British Columbia

Amanda Howe – British Columbia

Marie Jutras - Quebec

Marie Jutras –  Quebec

Shantree Kacera - Ontario

Shantree Kacera – Ontario

Danièle Leberge - Quebec

Danièle Leberge – Quebec

Laurie Lacey - Nova Scotia

Laurie Lacey – Nova Scotia

Peter Laker - Ontario

Peter Laker  –   Ontario

Flo Lavallie - Saskatchewan

Flo Lavallie – Saskatchewan

Gillian Leverkus - British Columbia

Gillian Leverkus – British Columbia

Robert McCandless - British Columbia

Robert McCandless – British Columbia

Norma Meyers - British Columbia

Norma Meyers – British Columbia

Judy Nelson - British Columbia

Judy Nelson – British Columbia

Dr Herbert Nowell - British Columbia

Dr Herbert Nowell – British Columbia

Don Ollisin - British Columbia

Don Ollsin – British Columbia

Marie Provost - Quebec

Marie Provost – Quebec

John Redden - Ontario

John Redden – Ontario

Robert Rogers - Alberta

Robert Dale Rogers – Alberta

Dr Sir Leo Shaefer - Saskatchwan

Dr Sir Leo Shaefer – Saskatchwan

Anny Schneider - Quebec

Anny Schneider – Quebec

Ross Skaken - Alberta

Ross Skaken   – Alberta

Leo Tanghe - Alberta

Leo Tanghe     – Alberta

Jack Thuna - Quebec

Jack Thuna    –  Quebec

Albert Thut - Ontario

Albert Thut    – Ontario

Michael Vertolli - Ontario

Michael Vertolli – Ontario

Terry Willard - Alberta/BC

Terry Willard – Alberta/BC